Berry Farming & Curry Guide: The Faster Level-Up Method! (2024)


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Hey all! I’ve decided to write this guide on how to berry farm and how you can use those berries for making curry, a new feature from Gen 8 that was recently added to Pixelmon Generations. It may just be the most effective levelling method, beating things like Blissey training if you don’t have a training partner! This guide will be updated as more info about curry is discovered and tested.

Berry Farming:

How To Plant

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The process starts with planting (right-clicking) your berry on dirt or soft soil. A water source next to the soil may or may not be needed.

Soft soil is crafted with 3 red sand and 6 dirt in this pattern:

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Berries can be planted on regular dirt, butmulchcannot be applied to it, making soft soil a more efficient option. Soft soil may also increase berry yield/quality.

After planting your berries, I’d recommend standing next to them as they grow. Berries have 5 stages to grow through, with each stage taking around 1 minute. Weeds will grow on your berries, which brings us to the next step.

Weeds, Pesticide, and Withering

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Berry farming needs a bit more attention than something like farming Minecraft crops. Weeds will grow on your berries as they mature, and the longer they stay around, the lower your berry yield and quality may be. To remove them, use a Minecraft hoe to right click and remove the weeds.

Pesticide can be used on berries to prevent bug types from spawning near your farm. I personally have no experiences with bug types bothering my farm, so more information may be needed on this. Pesticide can be crafted with 1heal powder, redstone, andfresh waterin this recipe:

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If you don’t take care of your berries, they can wither. This is seen when you leave berries farming overnight and you come back to plants that no longer grow. You can fix this by simply breaking the plants and planting new berries.


Mulch is a craftable item that can boost the quality of soft soil, which leads to better quality berries and more plentiful harvests (more berries). You use mulch by right clicking a block of soft soil. The mulch does not seem to run out until you break the soil block.

There are 8 types of mulch, with Amaze mulch giving the best boosts to berry quality and berry yield. They're made from rotten flesh,cooked apricorns, and paper in these following recipes:

Spoiler: Mulch RecipesShow

As lots of rotten flesh are needed for high quality mulch, support your local rotten flesh businesses and buy from them! (Or slaughter lots of zombies yourself with a zombie spawner)

Berry Collection

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To know when your berries are done growing, simply right click them to see if they are collected. If the berry is still there, then it is still growing. Right clicking is more effective than breaking the berries, which older pixelmon players may be used to. Once you collect the berries, you’ll get a handful of them placed into your inventory.

You may have seen that your berries aren’t stacking properly, that’s because they have different qualities. You can see the berry quality by holding shift while hovering over the berries. From worst to best it’s: Poor, Normal, Good, Better, and Best.

The quality seems to only affect how good your curry is once you cook the berries, so I recommend using lower quality berries for planting.

Spoiler: My Berry FarmShow


What is Curry? How do you make it?

Curry is a new item from Gen 8 (Sword and Shield) that is now in this modpack. They give EXP and can increase your pokemon’s happiness.

You can create a curry with a cooking pot, bowl, wood log, and a berry.

Cooking pots are made from 4aluminum platesand acauldron:

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Making Curry in Cooking Pot:

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When you place your berries, bowls, and wood logs into the cooking pot, click the smelting icon above the wood to start cooking. For creating multiple curries, simply add more berries, bowls, and wood to the pot. Each curry consumes 1 wood log and berry. The bowls are given back to you once you feed a pokemon the curry.

EXP Yields & Effects

So, why should you make curry? Depending on the quality of your berries, you’ll end up with one of five rated curries. You can see which rating your curry is by holding shift as you hover over the curry. Each rating gives different amounts of EXP and happiness:

Koffing Rating (Poor Berries): 25 EXP
Wobbuffet Rating (Normal Berries): 200 EXP, Little Happiness Boost
Milcery Rating (Good Berries): 1000 EXP, Slight Happiness Boost
Cooperajah Rating (Better Berries): 5,000 EXP, Happiness Boost
Charizard Rating (Best Berries): 10,000 EXP, Large Happiness Boost

Charizard rated curry is equal to a large exp candy, allowing you to boost your pokemon to high levels by feeding it your curry! If you stick to farming berries and cooking curry, you could have yourself a cheap, self-sufficient source of levelling to prepare your pokemon for battle.

Flavors & Ingredients

Curries have 5 distinct flavors: Spicy, Dry, Sweet, Bitter, and Sour

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This is a list fromIGNof which berries yield which flavor from Pokemon Sword and Shield. It may or may not be accurate to what flavor you’ll get in pixelmon. The flavor doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to EXP yield.

There are also curry ingredients. They are NOT required for making curry. Currently, the ingredients are only found in tier 1 pokeball loots (pokeballs found throughout the world, spawn, and various warps), making them pretty rare. There are 25 different ingredients:

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The ingredients can be placed in the pot next to the bowl. Like the curry flavor, it doesn’t affect EXP yield but seems to give different happiness depending on your pokemon’s nature. All in all though, it just gives the curry a unique name and a new sprite. It does, however, affect the final aspect of curry…

The CurryDex

As of writing this (Generations version 8.3.0), the CurryDex in pixelmon is currently disabled. However, when it returns, all different types of curry combinations can be collected. Sour Coconut Curry, Spicy Egg Curry, Bitter Salad Curry, all sorts of combinations are possible! Pokemon Sword and Shield have 151 curries to be collected, with the reward being a toy ball for Pokemon to play with.

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Only time will tell what the future Pixelmon 100% CurryDex will reward you with...


While farming for hundreds of high quality berries could be tedious, you might consider building your berry farms and curry kitchens next to a legendary platform, multi-tasking! Even if you don’t end up wanting to spend your time on Harmony as a farmer & curry chef, I’m sure that the market for curry can grow soon with more berry farmers and curry cookers, and you’ll be able to buy stacks of curry for a price similar to/less than rare candies.

Thanks for reading, hope you found this guide helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your curry journeys!

Extra Info & Edits:
2/19/21 -My Texture Pack
3/24/21 - Updated Curry EXP yields after 8.4.1 nerf

Berry Farming & Curry Guide: The Faster Level-Up Method! (2024)


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