Drug Detox and Alcohol Rehab in Olive Branch (2024)

Olive Branch Area Substance Use Recovery

Substance use disorders and mental health issues often go together. Recovery services need to address both the addiction and its underlying mechanisms to achieve long-term results. Defining Wellness Centers in Jackson, Mississippi, have staff members that are caring and dedicated to helping you or your loved one recover from addiction and the underlying trauma and mental health issues.

The Trauma and Addiction Connection

Sometimes, things happen in life that cannot be avoided. When someone experiences a traumatic experience, it can develop into many types of mental health issues. The trauma can be emotional, physical, or both. The association between those who develop PTSD or ASD have a significantly higher rate of developing substance use disorder than those who have not developed these underlying conditions. The International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies reports that substance use might be as high as 25-75% of all of those who have survived traumatic experiences or violence.

Taking alcohol or substances, such as opioids, meth, or prescription painkillers, can begin innocently or with good intentions. Many people begin taking these substances as a way to get some relief from the thoughts and physical pain they suffer. These substances do give them relief for a short time, but once a person becomes addicted, they lead to more problems than they solve.

Unfortunately, mental health issues and substance use tend to create a vicious cycle where one feeds the other. Sometimes, substance use occurs because of physical health problems that decrease enjoyment in life. The person turns to substances to cope daily.

Problems Associated With Trauma and Substance Use

Regardless of the circ*mstances that led to the first use of alcohol or another substance to relieve physical or emotional pain, the results are typically the same. The person begins to need more of the substance to get the same effect they used to get at lower dosages. Eventually, substance use can lead to problems with school and a job, and it can hurt relationships. Usually, these problems have become severe before a person decides to seek help.

Why Choose Trauma-informed Care in Olive Branch?

If your loved one is on a downhill spiral, you know how frustrating it can be. Watching them struggle daily can be exasperating, and you might feel helpless. For those who are struggling with addiction, it can be difficult to make the first call for help. Many try to do it alone; however, this might not even be possible for those who struggle with withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit. That is when you need caring, experienced professionals who are focused on your long-term success.

Treating substance use alone is not enough. Addiction is a manifestation of life circ*mstances that are challenging. It is important to find a treatment and recovery center that focuses on making the whole person well. This means understanding the intimate connection between trauma and substance use. The ultimate goal of treatment and recovery programs is sobriety, but there is more to life than just being sober. Trauma-informed care helps the person gain a sense of overall wellness and purpose in life.

Trauma-informed care focuses on the whole person and developing a healthy lifestyle. It includes help and assistance with overcoming the underlying conditions that led to the substance use in the first place. It is not always possible to eliminate the trauma or its effects entirely, especially in the case of physical health conditions, but it is possible to help the person find healthy coping mechanisms for a better quality of life. The overall goal of the program is to help the person develop a healthy lifestyle that allows them to cope with life’s stressors and develop a sense of purpose.

What to Look For in Trauma-informed Care

The recovery process and overcoming the underlying trauma and mental health issues is a process of personal growth. An effective program can look different for everyone. It is important to find a treatment program that is tailored to your individual needs. When searching for the right recovery program for you or your loved one, you should look for one that has the following traits.

Latest Evidence-based Treatment Programs

Research into addiction and recovery continues to evolve. As more evidence about treatment programs becomes available, programs get more effective at achieving long-term success. A substance use recovery program should use an evidence-based approach and be up to date with the latest treatment strategies.

Experienced Staff

Experience is important when it comes to addiction recovery and mental health issues. Those who have been through the recovery process often want to help others get through it as well. This combination of passion for helping others, training, and their personal experiences puts them in a position to be effective in helping others who are struggling.

Holistic Programs

Some programs are limited to treating addiction, but they give only limited aftercare. They focus on treating the addiction and not the whole person. Addiction treatment does not stop at sobriety and should result in the person getting to know themselves better and achieving growth.

A holistic approach is about using a person’s strengths to leverage them in recovery and finding ways to help them overcome their weaknesses. A good recovery program focuses on the whole person and not just one aspect of them.

Individualized Care and Treatment

Everyone who comes into treatment has a unique story and set of circ*mstances. Some people respond to different types of group therapy and individual therapy. Others will benefit from programs like fitness, diet, art therapy, or music therapy. A facility that offers a wide range of programs allows the person to find the right combination. A care-team approach that takes the person’s needs and interests into consideration will be likely to result in a lifetime of recovery and a new outlook.

Comfortable Facilities and Hospitality

A person’s environment has a significant impact on their emotional and mental well-being. Facilities that feel institutional can make the person focus on their “illness” rather than finding ways to improve their health. A relaxing and home-like environment helps reduce stress and aid in the recovery process.

What We Do at Defining Wellness Centers

Defining Wellness Centers offer a comfortable atmosphere in the heart of the Mississippi Pine Belt. It is an oasis in the heart of the South where you can relax as you gain a new outlook on life. Clients can enjoy a resort-like atmosphere while they receive state-of-the-art treatment and therapies from a caring staff. Our staff is experienced, and many of them have walked the road of addiction and recovery. They can relate to your struggles and triumphs.

The facility itself offers something a little beyond the ordinary. It includes hiking trails, fishing in an on-campus pond, a labyrinth, a firepit, pavilions, and a natural setting where you can focus on healing. Our staff includes a gourmet chef who serves delicious and nutritious meals. We also have an indoor basketball court, weight room, cardio equipment, volleyball courts, a pickleball court, putting green, and yoga classes. Our experiences tell us that, many times, healing comes when people are engaging in something fun in a social setting. This is part of what makes Defining Wellness Centers different from other recovery services.

Treatment Programs

As you can see, our programming treats more than the clinical and physical side of addiction. We have many treatment options available to meet your needs. Our dual diagnosis program is one of our more popular ones because it addresses the traumatic and emotional issues leading to addiction and is the best way to achieve recovery that will last after the formal treatment program ends.

Defining Wellness Centers also provide medical detox, which is an effective way to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal. A fear of withdrawal symptoms is one of the reasons why many people do not seek treatment.

Medically assisted detox uses medications given under strict supervision to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal and make sure it is done in the safest way possible. This phase usually only lasts a few days, and then, the person can begin an individualized program to help achieve long-term success.

We have inpatient and partial-hospitalization programs, and we offer outpatient rehab. You and your care team can devise a program that is more likely to help you as an individual. We also have an excellent aftercare and alumni program so that you have the support you need to continue with the recovery and wellness habits you started. This program does not only address the needs of addiction recovery, but it also focuses on helping the person achieve total health and wellness.

Defining Wellness Centers near Olive Branch also has a program that addresses the specialized needs of our nation’s veterans. Our Wellness for Warriors program addresses the needs of veterans who struggle with substance use and the effects of military service. The program uses traditional therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and trauma-focused therapy, with alternative treatments. The program also included mindfulness practices, yoga, and recreational activities that focus on healing the whole person and addressing their unique needs.

Defining Wellness Centers sets itself apart from other recovery centers in its approach that focuses on healing the person instead of just treating one aspect of their addiction. This approach takes place in a resort-like atmosphere and is carried out by a staff dedicated to making the stay as comfortable as possible.

Our staff works hard to make you feel comfortable and safe while you are here. If you or a loved one needs to find excellent addiction recovery services, the best time to contact us is now. Our friendly team is ready to help you understand the process and make it easy to get started.

Drug Detox and Alcohol Rehab in Olive Branch (2024)


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