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9.2.6 for Minecraft 1.20.2 #234851

By Rasgnarok - 31 Dec 2023 13:04

  • Pixelmon Mod View topic - 9.2.6 for Minecraft 1.20.2 (1)

- 31 Dec 2023 13:04 #234851

  • The Java requirement for 1.20.2 is Java 17. This will come shipped with most launchers.
  • For manual installation, you may need to install a later JRE.
  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 48.0.30 and is required for a Pixelmon client Worlds from 1.16.5 may not work with newer versions of Minecraft. Consider backups before updating.
  • If using datapacks, consider refreshing every update for default datapack fixes from Pixelmon.


  • Added a new palette format to all palette-driven data.
  • Adds the `partyFaintRespawn` gamerule (disabled by default, and can be edited from the World Creation singleplayer screen):
  • When this is enabled players will be teleported back to their last respawn point when they have 0 battle capable pokemon remaining in their party.
  • If `keepInventory` gamerule is disabled the player will drop the items in their inventory.
  • This will not apply for players in creative.
  • This will not apply for players with a temporary mode party.
  • Added a button to the Discord Rich Presence allowing people to join the Pixelmon Discord.
  • Added support for servers to add a button to a link of their choosing in the rich presence under `config.yml`:`server-discord`, `discord-invite` and `server-name`, defaulting to blank - if the invite is invalid, the button will not show.
  • Added the Pumkin, Drash, Eggant, Strib, Nutpea, Ginema, Kuo, Yago, Touga, Niniku, and Topo berries to the creative menu.
  • Added bone mode debug `[F3+']`, showing both bones on Pokémon models and their name.
  • Added sphere model for bone display.
  • Added `elf` palette option to Christmas ball logic!
  • Adds tags for pulse, bite, bullet, dance, explosive, powder, punch, slicing, and wind moves.


  • Added Flutter Mane.
  • Added Capsakid.
  • Added Scovillain.
  • Added Flittle.
  • Added Espathra.

Cosmetic Palettes:

  • Added 'Christmas' Pichu.
  • Added 'Elf' Pichu.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pikachu.
  • Added 'Elf' Pikachu.
  • Added 'Christmas' Raichu.
  • Added 'Elf' Raichu.
  • Added 'Christmas' Dratini.
  • Added 'Elf' Dratini.
  • Added 'Christmas' Dragonair.
  • Added 'Elf' Dragonair.
  • Added 'Christmas' Dragonite.
  • Added 'Elf' Dragonite.
  • Added 'Christmas' Munchlax.
  • Added 'Elf' Munchlax.
  • Added 'Christmas' Snorlax.
  • Added 'Elf' Snorlax.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pawmi.
  • Added 'Elf' Pawmi.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pawmo.
  • Added 'Elf' Pawmo.
  • Added 'Christmas' Pawmot.
  • Added 'Elf' Pawmot.
  • Added 'Christmas' Iron Leaves.
  • Added 'Elf' Iron Leaves.
  • Added 'Christmas' Slitherwing.
  • Added 'Elf' Slitherwing.
  • Added 'Christmas' Mew.
  • Added 'Elf' Mew.


  • Added Water Town in Oceans, our most involved town yet!
  • Added Water Gym structure.
  • Added Water Town structures: Gym, Town Center, PokeCenter, PokeMart, Blacksmith, Church, Lighthouse A and B, House A-D, Kelp Farm a and B, Pier A-G, Fallback A-E, Deco A-H, Clutter A-T and Buoy A-C.
  • Added Water Gym Trainers to Water Gym structure: Elite A-F, Grunt A-I and Gym Leader A-F.
  • Added Swift Boat in Oceans.
  • Added Yacht Boat in Oceans.
  • Updated Fishing Boat, Magikarp Boat, Sail Boat and Submarine in Oceans.
  • Updated land Arc Chalice structure in Extreme Hills.
  • Updated Pumpkin House rarity for rarer, less common spawns.

Moves, Items and Abilities:

  • Added tests for Damp ability.
  • Added tests for Dancer ability.
  • Added tests for Dazzling ability.
  • Added tests for Delta Stream ability.
  • Added tests for Disguise ability.
  • Added tests for Zen Mode ability.
  • Added tests for Wind Rider ability.
  • Added tests for Wonder Guard ability.
  • Added tests for Wandering Spirit ability.
  • Added tests for Victory Star ability.
  • Added tests for Aftermath ability.
  • Added tests for Anger Point ability.
  • Added tests for Arena Trap ability.
  • Added tests for Battle Armor ability.
  • Added tests for Berserk ability.
  • Added tests for Cheek Pouch ability.
  • Added tests for Clear Body ability.
  • Added tests for Cloud Nine ability.
  • Added tests for Color Change ability.
  • Added tests for Comatose ability.
  • Added tests for Contrary ability.
  • Added tests for Cursed Body ability.
  • Added tests for Magic Guard ability.
  • Added tests for Magician ability.
  • Added tests for Intimidate ability.
  • Added tests for Shields Down ability.
  • Added tests for Simple ability.
  • Added tests for Slow Start ability.
  • Added tests for Contrary ability and Z-moves.
  • Added tests for Intrepid Sword ability.
  • Added tests for Liquid Ooze ability.
  • Added tests for Magic Bounce ability.
  • Added tests for Lightning Rod ability.
  • Added tests for Desolate Land ability.
  • Added tests for Dry Skin ability.
  • Added tests for Emergency Exit ability.
  • Added tests for Flash Fire ability.
  • Added tests for Frisk ability.
  • Added tests for Gluttony ability.
  • Added tests for Guard Dog ability.
  • Added tests for Immunity ability.
  • Added tests for Neutralizing Gas ability.
  • Added tests for Storm Drain ability.
  • Added tests for Sturdy ability.
  • Added tests for Suction Cups ability.
  • Added tests for Sturdy ability.
  • Added tests for Sword of Ruin ability.
  • Added tests for Synchronize ability.
  • Added tests for ScreenCleaner ability.
  • Added tests for SapSipper ability.
  • Added tests for Aromatherapy ability.
  • Added tests for HealBell ability.
  • Added tests for MagnetPull ability.
  • Added tests for Moxie ability.
  • Added tests for MultiScale ability.
  • Added tests for Mummy ability.
  • Added tests for Natural Cure ability.
  • Added tests for Own Tempo ability.
  • Added tests for Pastel Veil ability.
  • Added tests for Pick Pocket ability.
  • Added tests for Prankster ability.
  • Added tests for Primordeal Sea ability.
  • Added tests for Protosynthesis ability.
  • Added tests for Ripen ability.
  • Added tests for Rock Head ability.
  • Added tests for Rough Skin ability.
  • Added tests for SheerForce ability.
  • Added tests for SereneGrace ability.
  • Added tests for ShieldDust ability.
  • Added tests for PoisonTouch ability.
  • Added tests for ShellArmor ability.
  • Added tests for ShadowTag ability.
  • Added tests for Opportunist ability.
  • Added tests for Glaive Rush move.
  • Added tests for U-Turn move.
  • Added tests for Acupressure move.
  • Added tests for After You move.
  • Added tests for Assurance move.
  • Added tests for Aura Wheel move.
  • Added tests for Baton Pass move.
  • Added tests for Belch move.
  • Added tests for Bide move.
  • Added tests for Boomburst move.
  • Added tests for Brick Break move.
  • Added tests for Sky Drop move.
  • Added tests for Follow Me move.
  • Added tests for Weakness Policy held item.
  • Added tests for White Herb held item.
  • Added tests for Sitrus Berry held item.
  • Added tests for Shell Bell held item.
  • Added tests for Shed Shell held item.


  • Added Flutter Mane to Small End Islands
  • Added Capsakid to Arid and Mesas during the Day. Added chance to spawn with a group of Capsakid.
  • Added Scovillain to Arid and Mesas during the Day.
  • Added Flittle to Savannas and Arid during the Day. Added chance to spawn with a group of Flittle.
  • Added Espathra to Savannas and Arid during Day.
  • Added Taiga, Old Growth Pine Taiga, and Old Growth Spruce Taiga to all forest spawning biome types.


  • Updated PCs to only drop when mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe.
  • Added a new palette format to all palette-driven data. Datapacks prior to 9.2.6 will fail to load as a result of the new formatting and optimizations. To convert your datapack, please use our converter.
  • Added & implemented the "infinite" model locator officially retiring "DUAL_MODEL", "DUAL_MODEL_TEX" (etc) model factories.
  • Added scaling to model data so we can scale individual attachments on palettes (and also preparation for removal of PQC).
  • Added axis-based scaling for all dimensions along X, Y and Z (example, `"scale": [2.0, 1.0, 1.0]`).
  • Added support for attaching models to other models via bone anchor points. For an in-use example, see the 'Elf' and 'Christmas' palettes.
  • Added `christmas` and `elf` palettes with Christmas Hat attachment.
  • Added support for palettes to use the Minecraft particle system - palette particles can now utilize vanilla particles.


  • Updated Water as a viable block for Pokémon to spawn of for water spawns.
  • Updated boss drops to support Forge-style NBT entries.
  • Updated Shrine Orbs craft into themselves with max damage (or 0 KO charges).
  • Updated Shrine Orbs unrepairable so that they might not be combined into an anvil.
  • Optimized rendering by removing some redundant Matrix multiplication.
  • Updated Miraidon sprite.
  • Updated Walking Wake sprite.
  • Updated Lechonk model and animations.
  • Updated Swalot and Gulpin model and animations.
  • Updated Kilowattrel to now drop a Swift Feather instead of a Swift Wing.
  • Updated Gholdengo to drop a Relic Silver instead of two Relic Gold.
  • 20997 Updated Silicon to use the `ingot` tag.
  • 20997 Updated all metal ingots to use the `ingot` tag.
  • 20997 Updated aluminium and aluminium ore tags to Bauxite.
  • Removed the Pixelmon Anvil, as it is no longer required to craft Poké Balls.
  • Updated all instances of the Pixelmon Anvil to Minecraft's Anvil.
  • Updated all Pixelmon blocks to include a Minecraft map block color.
  • Updated lang to combine `pixelmon.interaction.abilitycapsule` and `pixelmon.interaction.abilitypatch` into `pixelmon.interaction.abilityitem`.
  • 5489 Updated Ability Patches to change Pokémon with their Hidden Ability to their first Ability.
  • 19808 Updated speed calculations to Generation 7+, which recalculates speed at every turn, reworking in turn Pursuit and switching mechanics.


  • Added `itemconfig.yml`.
  • Moved `multiplePhotosOfSamePokemon`, `allowAmuletCoin`, and `amuletCoinMultiplier` to `itemconfig.yml`.
  • Added `bottleCapLevel` to `itemconfig.yml`, which defaults to 50.
  • Updated `minimum-distance-between-spawns` config setting to 5 blocks, down from 15 blocks .
  • Updated `minimum-distance-from-centre` config setting to 5 blocks, down from 18 blocks.
  • Updated `maximum-distance-from-centre` config setting to 30 blocks, down from 64 blocks.
  • Updated spawn-replacements in and around villages to be lower leveled species.
  • Updated the village Golurk Iron Golem spawn replacement to be uncatchable.


  • Fixed the normal map breaking with attachments and only using the attachment texture.
  • Fixed the com.google package not being correctly relocated causing load errors.
  • Fixed the direct connect screen being broken by the recent changes to the server list.
  • Fixed Pokemon continually trying to chase and fight the player after a battle.
  • 21209 Fixed a server crash from a fishing bobber entity or anything else interacting with a Pokémon Egg and attempting to cast it to a Player.
  • 21085 Fixed wishing pieces dropped from within inventory no longer cause the player's held item to be consumed.
  • Fixed Pokémon following or attacking the player while in spectator mode.
  • 21218 Fixed Pokémon being unable to complete biome conditions for evolving.
  • 21221 Fixed players being unable to use the Bee Spawn Egg to spawn Bee Pokémon.
  • Fixed statues not being able to be animated.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the starter list erroring when a player disconnects immediately after joining.
  • Fixed Pokemon with the `walksonwater` or `walksonlava` tag being unable to walk on that fluid.
  • 21252 Fixed medicines curing statuses outside of battle.
  • Fixed improper spacing in starter lang ribbons.
  • Fixed ability slots reverting on evolution when changed using the Pokémon Editor.
  • 21262 Fixed a crash caused by wearing a photo on a player's head.
  • Fixed `random shiny` sometimes failing to give a shiny with non-shiny palette listings.
  • 21282 Fixed missing texture sprites for all Pixelmon Music Discs.
  • Fixed Pawmo's hitbox and size.
  • Fixed Lechonk's walk failing to loop properly.
  • 19240 Fixed Swalot and Gulpin's animation deforming their models.
  • 21225 Fixed Chien-Pao missing from raid spawning.
  • Fixed Revavroom spawn level range.
  • Fixed Tandemaus and Maushold dropping the wrong type of cheese.
  • 21307 Fixed Delta Shards being obtainable in Mineshafts when they should not be there.
  • 21296 Fixed Kingambit failing to drop Silver Ingot.
  • Fixed Ultra Gingko Trapdoor tag failing to load.
  • Fixed curry recipe parsing errors for Boiled Egg, Brittle Bones, Smoke Poke and Toast recipes.
  • Fixed owned Minior not changing to Core form when out of battle.
  • Fixed water spawning not working properly as underwater typed when spawning Pokémon extremely deep underwater.
  • Fixed Pokémon not taking freezing damage when in contact with Powdered Snow blocks, except for Ice types.
  • Fixed Treasures of Ruin Pokémon stat jsons requiring hyphens.
  • Fixed registry entry utils like `/checkspawns` use backwards compatibility with un-hyphenated yet hyphenated Pokémon names.
  • 21278 Fixed data loss of Day Care Pokémon caused by concurrency issues happening on login.
  • 21325 Fixed gym signs deleting the item in the block instead of droping it.


  • Fixed Dancer not having the correct list of moves to copy from.
  • Fixed Focus Sash, Focus Band and Sturdy never blocking confusion damage.
  • Fixed Suction Cups ignoring Moldbreaker.
  • Fixed multiple Of Ruin abilities stacking stat reductions in battle.
  • 21280 Fixed the turn, weather and terrain information not appearing in the right side of the battle screen.
  • 15176 Fixed Dynamaxed Pokemon being able to switch out, switch back in, and use Max Moves and stay dynamaxed, despite not having the appearance.
  • 21239 Fixed transformed Pokémon from using the Disguise ability.
  • Fixed spectators getting stuck in permanent spectator mode after spectating into a raid.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit triggering when dynamaxed.
  • Fixed Wind Rider blocking Tailwind from applying.
  • Fixed Wind Rider activating against Sandstorm.
  • Fixed an error caused by a non-existing trainer for changing weather conditions.
  • Fixed an error caused by changing forms when the entity itself does not exist.
  • Fixed Moldbreaker preventing Anger point from increasing the attack stat.
  • Fixed Seismic Toss, Night Shade and Parental Bond not being identified as a multi-hit move.
  • Fixed a server crash coming from attack animations.
  • Fixed flee moves such as Roar and Red Card sometimes randomly selecting a currently sent out Pokémon.
  • Fixed Comatose not correctly identifying the Pokémon asleep when they have 0 statuses.
  • Fixed Comatose not doubling the power of Hex or Wake-Up Slap.
  • Fixed berries erroneously applying healing after Neutralizing Gas leaves the field.
  • Fixed Neutralizing Gas not disabling extreme weathers caused by abilities such as Desolate Land.
  • Fixed Gastric Acid (and similar moves) not disabling Neutralizing Gas when used.
  • Fixed Imposter applying after Neutralizing Gas leaves the field.
  • Fixed Shields Down blocking all non-entry hazard statuses.
  • Fixed Slow Start not resetting count when Neutralizing Gas appears.
  • Fixed Emergency Exit not working properly after a multi-hit move.
  • Fixed Emergency Exit not properly working after damage at the end of turn, such as poison-inflicted damage.
  • Fixed horde battles crashing occasionally when starting battle due to a null battle controller in their AI.
  • Fixed occasional crashes in battle cased by LegacyRandomSource.
  • 21258 Fixed switch-in abilities triggering too early during simultaneous switches.
  • Fixed EnforcedSwitching triggering twice.
  • Fixed Blue Flare and Bolt Strike boosting Fusion Bolt and Fusion Flare.
  • Fixed Parting Shot soft-locking the client if used without a Pokémon to switch to.
  • Fixed Pursuit only triggering if already targeting the switching Pokémon.
  • Fixed Expanding Force failing to boost power on Psychic Terrain if not forcibly grounded.
  • Fixed Sky Drop damaging the wrong target after Ally Switch.
  • Fixed Sky Drop making contact on the first turn.
  • Fixed Sky Drop allowing targets to mega-evolve.
  • Fixed redirect abilities, such as Lightning Rod, not absorbing allied attacks.
  • Fixed redirect abilities, such as Lightning Rod, sometimes triggering before Follow Me.
  • Fixed redirect abilities and statuses, such as Lightning Rod, sometimes activating in the wrong order.
  • Fixed Wonder Guard blocking Sky Drop before its attacking turn.
  • Fixed Expanding Force and Thrash re-targeting by moving to their move effects.
  • Fixed Focus Sash, Focus Band, and Sturdy never blocking confusion damage.
  • Fixed Suction Cups ignoring Mold Breaker.
  • Fixed multiple Of Ruin abilities stacking stat reductions.
  • Fixed SapSipper absorbing self-targeting grass moves.
  • Fixed Aromatherapy and HealBell not healing allied trainers.
  • Fixed Aromatherapy bypassing Substitute and SapSipper.
  • Fixed HealBell bypassing Soundproof.
  • Fixed abilities logic firing before held item logic when statuses are added to Pokemon in battle.
  • Fixed addreneline orb incorrectly interacting with intimidate.
  • Fixed PickPocket working even after being swapped out off the battle field.
  • Fixed Prankster incorrectly blocking moves when moves are enforced by Encore.
  • Fixed Protosynthesis working with extreme weather.
  • Fixed weather changes not calling the change to any held items.
  • Fixed booster energy activating before the initial switch in at the start of a battle.
  • Fixed Z-Nature Power not dealing any damage.
  • Fixed stack overflow crash caused by Opportunist.
  • Fixed ShieldDust not blocking all additional effects against the target.
  • Fixed SheerForce not triggering for many additional effects.
  • Fixed PoisonTouch not being considered an additional effect (to be blocked by ShieldDust).
  • Fixed Frostbite chance ignoring SereneGrace and WaterPledge boosts in Hail.
  • Fixed ThawTarget moves (ie Scald) thawing frozen targets if SheerForce is active.
  • Fixed SparklingAria not curing burns against ShieldDust.
  • Fixed Barb Barage being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Bide being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Bolt Strike being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Bone Club being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Comeuppance being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Double Shock being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed False Surrender being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Final Gambit being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Gear Grind being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Hold Back being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Mortal Spin being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Nuzzle being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Plasma Fists being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Raging Fury being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Strength Sap being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Terrain Pulse being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Thunder Cage being marked as a non-contact move.
  • Fixed Triple Kick being marked as a non-contact move.


  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Updated Ukrainian translation.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.


  • Added `Ability#modifyConfusionDamage` and `HeldItem#modifyConfusionDamage`.
  • Moved variables and control of dynamaxing the model of a Pokemon from the `PixelmonWrapper` class to the `PixelmonEntity` class.
  • Added `PixelmonWrapper#attackAlly(I)V` for simplifying the selection of attacking moves.
  • Added `BattleTestHelper#setupDoubleBattleBuilder` to allow double battles.
  • Changed `BattleController#takeFullTurn` to do a turn for each active pokemon instead of always 2.
  • Added check to getGrowth to prevent scaling on null values.
  • Fixed `PokemonBuilder#ability` not creating a new instance of the ability given.
  • You no longer need to manually register battle tests with the "UnitTestRegistry" class and instead should use the `BattleTestClass` annotation.
  • The `PixelmonUnitTest` class has been deleted as it is no longer needed.
  • The `UnitTestRegistry` class has been renamed to `BattleTestRegistry`.
  • The `UnitTest` annotation has been renamed to `BattleTest`.
  • Removed the test identifier from the `BattleTest` annotation and changed it to instead just use the method name.
  • Added the `BattleTestHelper` with useful functions for creating No-Op wild battle participants, quickly starting frozen battles, and skipping through frozen battle's ticks.
  • Changed all battle test functions to have the BattleTestHepler parameter.
  • Added & exposed `BattleController#doTurnLogic` and `BattleController#takeFullTurn` for manipulating frozen battles with a bit more ease.
  • Added `PokemonBuilder#ability(Lcom/pixelmonmod/api/registry/RegistryValue;)Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/api/pokemon/PokemonBuilder` overload.
  • Added `PokemonBuilder#moves([Lcom/pixelmonmod/api/registry/RegistryValue;)Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/api/pokemon/PokemonBuilder` overload.
  • Added `PokemonBuilder#species(Lcom/pixelmonmod/api/registry/RegistryValue;)Lcom/pixelmonmod/pixelmon/api/pokemon/PokemonBuilder` overload.
  • Added `BattleTestHelper#createDefaultPokemon` for creating a Pokemon with the default settings (level 100, serious nature, max IVs, max happiness, in a PokéBall).
  • Added `PixelmonWrapper#attackOpponent(I)V` for simplifying the selection of attacking moves.
  • Added `PixelmonWrapper#attackSelf(I)V` for simplifying the selection of attacking moves.
  • Adds the `PartyFaintRespawnEvent` for canceling the above mechanic in given situations.
  • Made EVYields class immutable.
  • Made EVYields class a record.
  • Added `EVYields#setHP`, `EVYields#setAttack`, `EVYields#setDefense`, `EVYields#setSpecialAttack`, `EVYields#setSpecialDefense`, `EVYields#setSpeed`, `EVYields#addToHP`, `EVYields#addToAttack`, `EVYields#addToDefense`, `EVYields#addToSpecialAttack`, `EVYields#addToSpecialDefense`, `EVYields#addToSpeed`, `EVYields#set`, and `EVYields#multiply`.
  • Added `EVGainEvent` and `EVGainEvent.Double` for handling when EVs are gained.
  • Renamed `BattleController#turn` to `actionIndex` to better separate it from `battleTurn`.
  • Added `EffectBase#modifyTargets`.
  • Added `StatusBase#stopsEvolution`.
  • Added `PixelmonWrapper#canEvolve`.
  • Added `Ability#preventsRedirection`.
  • Added `Ability#modifyConfusionDamage` and `HeldItem#modifyConfusionDamage`.
  • Fixed `PixelmonSpecies#TAPU_FINI` being a MissingNo.

9.2.6 for Minecraft 1.20.2 #241307

By Maxtheus - 17 Mar 2024 13:44

- 17 Mar 2024 13:44 #241307 good

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