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PLAIN DEALER, FRIDAY, JANUARY 6. 1984- 5-B Cleveland raid recovers $1 million in stolen tools By Christopher Evans Police from seven northeastern Ohio communities confiscated about $1 million worth of stolen tools yesterday in a raid on a 'suspected fencing operation at '4409 Clark Ave. kind of tools you can said Olmsted Township 4 police Sgt. Dennis McCafferty. "Wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, hammers, saws.

There's a huge market for this stuff." Elyria Elyria city auditor Beverly L. Renner filed a request yesterday with the council finance committee to transfer between $600,000 and $900.000 into the general fund to' meet the city's payroll through March. The city is facing a budget deficit this month of more than $240,000, Renner said. ale 3 The city's general fund suffered The search warrant was obtained by Olmsted Township police. Olmsted Township police were working with the Avon, Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Lorain, Medina and Cleveland police departments.

A Vermilion man and a Cleveland man and woman were arrested. One of the men lived at the address and the other two worked there, McCafferty said. Business cards listed the types of tools bought and sold at the auditor seeks from cash flow problems last year, and only about $90.000 was carried over to 1984, Renner said. The budget had a carryover of more than $1 million in 1983, she said. Renner said she warned council of the looming deficit in December and asked members to place priorities on various expenditures, but no action was taken.

The city's police and fire unions also refused term. had been married 11 months. REVIEW Leinsdorf brings Schumann back By Robert Finn if I mistake not, he pruned away MUSIC CRITIC some doublings here and there. During the George Szell era at In the delicate third movement Hall, it was dangerous he used only a quintet of solo for any other conductor's reputa- string players, something I do not ition to give an all-Schumann con- recall from other recent with the Cleveland Orchestra. formances of this piece.

Szell had a patent of sorts on The concerto was performed Schumann's major works, and his with great energy and brio, own edited versions of them re- chamber music or not. Leinsdorf posed on the orchestra's library often minimized contrasts. of shelves. Other conductors invited tempo between adjacent sections, comparison at their own peril. giving the work a continuous flow, Such a situation cannot go on though at some sacrifice to its forever, marked contrasts.

nor should it. Thus it was fascinating last night to listen to Perahia, who usually seems at 'guest conductor Erich Leinsdorf his best in romantic music, was lead our town band in the "Man- a notch or two below that last fred" overture, the "Rhenish" night, dropping some notes in exsymphony and the piano concerto, passages. In the finale, with Murray Perahia as soloist. which marched along at a solLeinsdorf has around long dierly clip indeed, conductor, enough to have some definite pianist and orchestra did achieve ideas of his own about this music, some nice delicate dynamic efand there is no reason he should fects, giving some nuance to the not display them in Severance headlong pace of the music. Hall (the program is repeated It was not an especially Saturday night).

romantic interpretation of this Leinsdorf took a brisk and most romantic of all piano conbusinesslike approach to the three certos. It was exciting in its way, works, drawing from the orches- though, and won a very warm tra" sonorities that were full and reception from the audience. rich, weighted on the somber side The "Manfred" overture opened in the overture and on the light, the concert in a wonderful bath chamber-music side in the two of dark, string-dominated sound. larger works. He did not linger It was, in fact, the most consistover details, and one was able to ently satisfying performance of hear a goodly amount of the inner the evening.

detail that so often is lost in The "Rhenish" symphony Schumann's notoriously thick or- exuded strength, confidence and chestration. extroverted well-being. The wIn the piano concerto and the chestral playing, which had shown symphony, Leinsdorf seemed to a few ragged ensemble moments be trying to lighten the texture. in the overture and the concerto, The first movement of the con- here coalesced. The brass sound certo in particular had a kind of was brilliant and the exactness intimate.

chamber-music feeling; of ensemble coordination on a and in the "Rhenish" symphony, generally high level. 543 "Wife slayer paroled from 26 years in jail BRISTOL, England (AP) Barlow was sentenced to life Kenneth Barlow, a 65-year-old imprisonment Dec. 14, 1957, for man convicted of murdering his pregnant wife with insulin, has injecting his second wife, Elizabeen paroled after 26 years in beth, 30, with large doses of insuprison. Only one Briton now in lin. She drowned in the bath after custody has served a' longer going into a coma.

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YEA Security Provided. METRO RECORD address: everything from hand tools to air compressors and jewelers' lathes. Shelves of tools filled the downstairs. Police said that during the raid they received calls from people looking for or wanting to sell tools. "It's a big business," McCafferty said.

"These people are responsible for thefts in Cuyahoga, Medina, Lorain and possibly Huron counties, probably from all over northern Ohio. funds to to accept deferring benefit payments, she said. "At this point, we cannot get by without borrowing," she said. The funds will be transferred from the retirement fund, Renner said. This is the second time in four months Elyria has dipped into the account; $600,000 was We've been investigating them for about a year." He said thefts from auto dealerships, repair garages and private garages were involved.

an Olmsted Township burglary, $50.000 worth of tools were taken, he said. Police moved the tools in 15 trucks to a storage area in Avon Lake. More arrests are expected, McCafferty said. offset deficit borrowed in September. Elyria's budget increased by less than last year, while operation and maintenance costs grew and city employe wages rose Renner said.

A proposal is expected to be presented to council Jan. 17, she said. Downtown bank robber gets away red handed A bank robber got away with about $1,000 yesterday, but only after a security device hidden in the money sprayed him with red dye. Cleveland police said the man, about 25, entered the Bank One of Northeast Ohio branch at 1000 Superior Ave. at 12:30 p.m.

and handed a teller a note demanding money. No weapon was seen. He was given money that held a security device containing dye, 4 "Metro meetings sions. township village councils CHARDON Elected president president; acres of Injected 6-1 merce plan cabin on CHESTER Elected chairman chairman; Frank Bajzel to application for beer and CUYAHOGA SCHOOLS Elected president and vice president; of treasurer to $25,000. LAKELAND COLLEGE Announced learning students now, year, with personal proved lege traffic Rittenhouse Raymond man.

LORAIN COMMISSIONERS Approved million to Celeste COLUMBUS Richard F. 9 p.m. call-in questions. The 13 record" is a summary of held by county commistrustees, city and and school boards. COUNCIL Robert H.

Eldridge and Larry Baptie vice voted 5-2 to annex 1,800 Munson Township: rea Chamber of Comto add on to the log village green. TRUSTEES Rosemary Balazs and Lance Yandell vice promoted Police Lt. to captain: objected of Chesterland Shell wine license. COUNTY James K. Hill Mitchell K.

Antoon increased salary Betty A. Milosovic COMMUNITY TRUSTEES expansion of lifelong program, which has 1.900 more than last greatest increases in computer classes; apengineering study of colflow; elected David board chairman and McGuinness vice chair- COUNTY budget of $1.6 cover salaries until goes on TV to (AP) Gov. Celeste will appear at Tuesday on a statewide television show to answer hour-long program will be March; announced county's allocation of federal revenue sharing grant for 1984 will $237,456, out of total grant $949,827. MAPLE HEIGHTS SCHOOLS Elected Kathleen Hogue dent and Gerald C. Piscura president.

NORTH HILLS WATER DISTRICT Elected Charles Fassinger chairman, and John Rybak chairman; scheduled meetings discuss proposed bond issue Jan. 18, 7:30 p.m., at Rushwood Elementary School, and Jan. 10 a.m., at Northfield Elementary School. NORTH OLMSTED SCHOOLS Elected Ralph H. Bohlmann president and Joanne DeCarlo vice president; approved general fund appropriations budget of $16.6 million.

ROCKY RIVER SCHOOLS Elected Norman H. Case dent and Alex Bruscino president; changed regular ing time to 8 p.m. STRONGSVILLE SCHOOLS Elected Carl L. Jesina president and James M. Marietta president; appointed Eric B.

treasurer at annual salary $30,000. WESTLAKE SCHOOLS Elected Joanne H. Nyerges president and Michael R. Clancy vice president. answer queries carried on public TV stations is sponsored by the Ohio.

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bearing these symbols. the nearest CIRRUS member call toll-free 800-4-CIRRUS. CIRRUS Member first be of presivice vice to for 21, 1984 presivice meet- vice Paul of the FBI said. Witnesses said the device sprayed dye on the robber. The man was last seen running on Walnut Ave.

toward E. 12th St. Police said they had a tentative identification of the suspect. The FBI declined to describe how the device works, citing security reasons. An explosive device that can be concealed in a packet of money is available.

It sprays dye about three feet. The dye is not easily removed. 23079856 471026 Your machines Or, for location. and in 1 I' 1 4 c- SE 1. 1 I 1 Pi -11.


The Plain Dealer from Cleveland, Ohio (2024)


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